The MOTA Industrial Cooling brand

MOTA Industrial Cooling is a trademark of MOTA SAS (www.motacoolingsystem.com).

MOTA Industrial Cooling markets the MOTA range of products that have been specifically designed for the industrial and marine hydraulics markets and their various applications, as well as all the necessary spare parts.

The standard MOTA products marketed on this site are intended for industrial use, whether static or on embedded machines, but also for marine use for which MOTA products are renowned.

A brief description of all standard coolers can be found in the following page: Standard MOTA coolers presentation

MOTA products specifically developed for OEM customers (original equipment mounted on engines or transmissions) are not sold on this site. For any need for spare parts for these cooling systems, we can help you identify the network to contact.

All the qualities that have made our products successful are found in our standard products because we use the same design standards and the same industrial manufacturing process and tool:

  • High quality products
  • Flawless reliability
  • Optimized performance

Our company: MOTA SAS

MOTA SAS is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of cooling systems dedicated to the most demanding applications.

We call "cooling system" the set specifically designed to cool and/or control the temperature of our customer's systems. This cooling system can be composed of:

  • oil coolers
  • water heat exchangers
  • charge air or compressed air coolers (intercoolers)
  • diesel fuel coolers

MOTA SAS is the leader in cooling in the marine powertrain and transmission markets.

We are based near Marseille, in the south of France.

225 Avenue du Douard - Aubagne - www.motacoolingsystem.com