MOTA Hydraulic tubular oil coolers

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MOTA Hydraulic tubular oil coolers

Our new range of tubular heat exchangers (shell and tubes) has been designed to meet the requirements of industrial hydraulic applications while maintaining the advantages of MOTA products recognized in marine conditions.

You can find them in the following categories:

  • "E" range:
    • These devices are perfectly compatible for cooling the oil in hydraulic systems or water circuits.
    • There are 12 different sizes and several versions of each size to adapt to different types of fluids, whether for industrial or marine use.
  • "G" range:
    • These small extruded exchangers with 2 possible connection types were initially designed to cool the oil of marine inverters (gearboxes)
    • The "G" range is the most versatile type of standard heat exchangers for cooling oil, water or diesel in industrial or low power marine applications.
    • These exchangers are light, robust and reliable and can therefore meet a multitude of needs: they are even used for solar panel circuits.
  • "C" range:
    • The "C" range is the high power range of our exchangers.
    • Several versions exist to adapt to the types of applications and fluids in your system.
  • "A" Range:
    • This is the historical range of MOTA standard exchangers. It has been in existence for more than 20 years and enjoys unfailing reliability.
    • It is being replaced by the E range.
  • "I" Range:
    • These exchangers have been manufactured at MOTA for many years and have proven their worth in cooling marine inverters.
  • Accessories: Accessories (thermostat)
    • We offer accessories for the oil or water circuits of your system.
    • You will find thermostatic valves used to regulate the temperature of your oil or water circuits.


By their very design, the reliability of MOTA Industrial Cooling oil coolers is ensured.

  • The materials of the tubes, the tubestack and covers are adaptable to the intended applications, whether the cooling water is anti-corrosion treated water or seawater
  • The double O-ring sealing at each end and the leak detector ensure a leakproof seal. In addition, they physically prohibit any contamination of one fluid by another.
  • The tube bundle is floating, allowing free expansion with temperature and avoiding any usual thermal stress in competing heat exchangers
  • Everything can be dismantled, which makes it easy to clean and check quickly. Just change the O-rings when disassembling.


The heat exchangers in the MOTA Industrial Cooling range are designed and manufactured according to the same quality standards and with the same industrial processes that have made MOTA's specific heat exchangers famous, especially for the most demanding applications such as marine engines or inverters.

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