MOTA Asia KK: welcome to KOBATAKE Ryoichi!

Publié le : 2020-06-18 16:46:13
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In order to support MOTA's growth on the Asian market, a local subsidiary was established in 2020.

Based in Osaka (Japan), MOTA Asia KK is intended to be the commercial and technical interface between Asian customers and the parent company in France. This local presence should support MOTA's current strong development in Asia by strengthening relationships with existing customers and facilitating access to our products and services for new customers.

MOTA Asia KK is now official and we are proud to welcome KOBATAKE Ryoichi as the new Area Manager for the Asian market.

This new entity complements the 2 factories in France and Italy, as well as the American sales office opened in 2012 (MOTA North America Inc.).

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